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Sinéad O’Connor was an Irish game changer, smashing the stereotype of the Irish Colleen. The beauty of her voice and delicate features promise a singing Nun rather than the snarling, angry, femme who was dedicated to venting her rage on what she considered false sacred cows. Young and impetuous she lashed out at whatever was there.

In October 1992 I was hired to do the legal work for The 30 Year Anniversary Bob Dylan Concert. This entailed getting signed releases from all the Artists so that they could be featured on an album to be released later. That meant I was seated back stage and signed each artist before they appeared, they would each sing a Bob Dylan song. A week earlier I had watched “Saturday Night Live” a weekly T V comedy show and had been amazed that as it was ending a young Irish female pop singed had torn a photo of the Pope live on T V. More than that it made no sense that an Irish catholic would do such a thing. It caused considerable outrage and there she was lining up to go on stage. I wondered how she would be received but this was a very liberal bob Dylan audience. However she was booed and not allowed to sing. She tried a few times to be heard, then froze, cried and Kris Kristofferson walked to her and led her offstage.

Sinéad never lived down this moment and her career became a series of miss-steps earning her a reputation of being a waco-bird. However with time many of the wild accusations were proven true. Today she is seen as a slightly neurotic person who was not given a proper hearing. Her talent, that vocal beauty has kept her on stage when few would have believed she could have survived herself.



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