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Seán O’Casey was an Irish nationalist, playwright and memoirist . He was the first to write about life of Dublin’s working class in plays like The Shadow of a Gunman, Juno and the Paycock and The Plough and the Stars.

O’ Casey was the first major playwright to write of the social effects, on Irish working class of the Irish rebellion and the events leading up to this event. He was involved in the Great Lockout when the leading industrial employers supported by funds from business in Britain locked out union members and starved them out of the union and back to work. O’Casey was a transport worker, a union member, and he was blacklisted as a leader and was not permitted back to work.

Being unable to find work he started to write and with help from W. B. Yeats and Countess Markievicz became one of Ireland’s greatest writers. These three plays, his greatest plays, dealing with this period are now known as ”The Dublin Trilogy” and do depict in great detail the social conditions he grew up in. They were presented at the famous Abbey Theater and are said to have saved its bacon, so great was the success he brought to the Abbey.


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