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James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was an Irish novelist and poet. Joyce was one of the most respectful writers of the 20th century whose book Ulysses, most famous for its “stream – of – consciousness” technique, made him literature celebrity. Joyce was exploring language and new literary forms which made him not just a writing genius but created a new approach for other novelists. After spending some time in Paris, Joyce came back to Ireland but only for a short while. He lived in Croatia and then moved to Italy where he taught English and learned Italian which was one of the 17 languages he spoke, among which were Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek. While moving around with his family Joyce was teaching for a living. After a while he was back to writing and published his first book, Dubliners a collection of 15 short stories. Two years later Joyce put out a second book, the novel Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The same year 1914 that the Dubliners came out, Joyce embarked on what would prove to be his landmark novel Ulysses. Joyce’s last work was Finnegans Wake, published 1939 and was immediate success. James Joyce died 1941 and was buried in Fluntern cemetery in Zurich.



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