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Project 60 of 65

The Icon Factory loves to make new friends, new connections, and introduce these fellow travelers on the hard road of promoting a more cared for planet to our friends.
The Icon Factory had the great pleasure of  participating in The Gathering Night of Tourist WalkDublin. Four  brothers: Brendan, Michael, Donal, Oisin, four musicians, great people and their great project; called – “Tourist Walk“. 

Tourist Walk is an international, non-profit, cross-discipline arts project. 
It is a collaborative project, using local artists and technicians to enhance the concept for different locations. The Group film a live performance of 4 songs.(1) An original song written specifically for the location, and arrangements of 3 well-known local songs of old and contemporary music.. The music is inspired by the visual,environment so DUBLIN here they come to film 4 songs to capture their experience of our city.They will pick different locations  to tell stories and share their experience of Dublin City.The Icon Walk  was one of these.
Tourist Walk”