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  • PHOTO 1: Campo Marzio railway station #1. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 2: Campo Marzio railway station #2. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 3: Santa Maria Maggiore Church, Trieste. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 4: Saint Spyridon Church, the Greek Orthodox Church , Trieste. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 5: Italo Svevo Statue. Svevo. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 6: Cinema Fellini. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 7: Statues at Piazza Liberta. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 8: The Old Tavern Cavana. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 9: Cavana, Trieste. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 10: Lanterna Beach (called 'Pedocin') at Trieste. © Erika Cei

  • PHOTO 11: Joyce Statue, Trieste. © Erika Cei

If you haven’t had the chance to pop into The Icon Factory to view the latest exhibition ‘TRIESTEDUBLIN/DUBLINTRIESTE’ we highly recommend that you do.
The exhibition has been organised CITIES OF JOYCE, for more information visit:

Four Italian artists from Trieste are exhibiting their Joyce and Trieste influenced artworks.

First up is photographer ERIKA CEI.

Never ask a woman her age, so we can tell you only about her life, short indeed since now. Erika studied history and has always been passionate about black and white movies. She transferred her passion to photography. Her works mainly regard borders and people. Winner of a prize for her work ‘A Time Of Gypsies’ about a Romani family in Sarajevo.

Her work for the TRIESTEDUBLIN/DUBLINTRIESTE’ is titled “Sua Mare Grega”. “Sua Mare Grega” in Trieste dialect literally “His Greek Mother” was Joyce’s way of calling ‘Ulysses’ when he wrote to his friend Italo Svevo. The real meaning translates as “Son of a bitch”.